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The Mailing

Right now I'm writing to The Mailing, a list of email addresses I have written into a .muttrc alias, and sent from the email server I operate on my VPS.

To get on The Mailing, all you have to do is email me, and I'll add you within 24 hours. If you want off, send me another email and I'll remove you within 24 hours.

I write to The Mailing every Mon, Wed, Fri about topics such as: technical skills, doing business on the internet, distributed everything, details about products I've written, and sometimes I write long booze-infused rants.

The last mailing went out on March 27 2015 at 5:03pm Mexico City time (CST)

Please note: I cannot send to Hotmail/Live.co.uk/Outlook because I run a distributed email server. Please fire up Postfix on your own VPS.

Hi, I'm Ev Bogue. I write technical books for a living. I spend that living on pasta, boxed wine, and a 3000 peso apartment in Mexico City.

Email: ev@evbogue.com (GPG public key)

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